• For Desktop and Mobile Devices

    Evaluate medical residents and students easily from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. InstantEval is compatible with all iOS and Android devices as well as most other mobile platforms.

  • Ready for ACGME Milestones

    InstantEval is ready for the Next Accreditation System (NAS). Evaluate residents using the new ACGME Milestones. View Milestone criteria as you are evaluating on your mobile device.

  • Advanced Administrator Interface

    The InstantEval administrator interface is easy to use and allows for full customization of evaluations. Administrators can add or remove questions, and choose from a variety of response types including free text, touch-friendly sliders, and likert scales.

  • Easy Data Management

    The administrator interface allows for export and secure deletion of evaluation data. Evaluation data can be exported to an Excel workbook with a summary sheet, allowing for easy entry into residency management suites such as New Innovations™. Each resident or student also has an individual sheet with detailed evaluation notes for the residency director.

  • Voice Dictation

    Evaluate your residents and students simply by speaking. InstantEval is fully compatible with Siri and Android speech dictation.


Realtime evaluation of resident physicians and medical students from your computer or mobile device.


Touch-friendly design, voice dictation, and instant search make completing evaluations fast and easy.


Photo-based navigation allows for easy identification of residents or students.


Easily create electronic evaluation forms using a variety of response elements.

Evaluations for Medical Professionals

InstantEval enables attending physicians to quickly record evaluations on their mobile devices or computers, via typing or voice dictation. The software then aggregates the evaluations from all of the attending physicians over a selected period of time and generates a summary report. InstantEval permits departments to precisely comply with the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and encourages greater communication between attending physicians and residents.

What Doctors Say About InstantEval

The University of Virginia has tried a variety of evaluation methods for clinical care rendered by residents. InstantEval is much better than [the previous systems we have tried] … and is easier to use. Now, I just bring my iPad [to the Emergency Department] and evaluate residents in real-time. I think that I have increased my number of evaluations by more than a factor of ten… and that my evaluations are more relevant to the residents' training.

Sara F. Sutherland, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Virginia, Department of Emergency Medicine

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